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Testing and QA Services

Testing and QA Services

Testing and QA Services

We assure quality and create a roadmap to an enhanced digital experience.

In this digital world, staying aligned with current testing and QA trends becomes prudent. The top priority of QA is to provide a seamless customer experience by optimizing it. We at Mine and Yours provide our clients with robust QA testing services that will reveal redundancies, errors, and inconsistencies in your newly developed and already established products.

Quality assurance is an essential asset for your software development process because it helps you determine whether the product is going to deliver the optimal and efficient performance or not. And to be able to determine that, you need to rely on a reliable testing and QA company.

At Mine and Yours, we have a team of experienced testing and QA professionals who will improve your software quality, prevent high-severity defects, mitigate business and technical risks, and decrease time-to-market. We work with the latest technology and best practices that help us test software quality and deliver the best results.

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What We Have to Offer?

Being a leading testing and QA service provider, we offer a customized solution that will resonate well with your company’s objective and current goals.

Automating Testing:

We use custom automated test scripts throughout the software development cycle. Automation testing allows us to test software without spending a lot of time. However, even though we use automation testing, we make sure to put our 100% dedication.

Manual Testing:

Not every software can go through automation testing, and this is where we use manual testing that is done keeping the end user’s perspective in mind. In manual testing, many solutions get covered, such as UI, User Acceptance, Usability, Security Testing, Error Handling, and Installation.

API Testing:

With our API testing service, we will be able to find out if the application programming interface meets the performance reliability, functionality, and security expectations. Doing API testing will reduce manual testing costs, and it can integrate with GUI conveniently.

Security Testing:

Software vulnerabilities can cause serious problems. Our security testing service can identify security gaps, potential threats, etc. so that your product can be free from all kinds of risks. In addition, security testing will enhance the reliability element of your software.

Performance Testing:

Performance testing will help you figure out how the software will perform in the real world and whether the software app is user-friendly or not. In addition, we will make sure that your developed app meets the highest performance standards and is responsive and stable.

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If you are looking for a reputed QA testing services provider in India, contact Mine and Yours today and don’t leave any room for errors.

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