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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Services

AI services that will allow you to grow better.

Today's technology allows businesses to augment their business processes and offer an enhanced user experience to their customers. And even though most businesses have adopted cloud, not everyone is leveraging it correctly. We at Mine and Yours have an in-depth understanding of natural language processing, machine learning, and computer image and vision processing.

By putting these three together, we can develop solutions that will help businesses overcome challenges and find better opportunities to grow. In addition, our AI services can easily integrate with your existing applications. Use them to modernize your contact centre, personalize recommendations, improve security and safety, and increase engagement with your customers.

Contact Mine and Yours for our bespoke artificial intelligence services and tell us what areas you need our help with. We are here to assist.

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What Can We Do For You?

Advanced Text Analytics

Our advanced text analysis can simplify documents processing for you by extracting key phrases, text, sentiments, and topics. You can use this service to automate extractions of text for legal briefs, process financial documents, and much more.

Automate Code Reviews

Our automated code reviews service helps you to improve code quality. Leverage it to recognize what the most expensive lines of codes are. We will provide visual clues and recommendations to improve application performance and code quality.

Document Analysis

Get rid of manual work with our document analysis service. This service lets you automatically extract data, handwriting, and printed text from any available document. You can extract data from tables and forms as well.

Fraud Prevention

Online fraud is a serious problem, but you can detect it efficiently with our fraud prevention service. In addition, you can implement, manage, and deploy fraud detection models with the help of AI, even if you are not proficient with machine learning.

Real-Time Translation

Get accurate and fluent machine translation with our real-time translation service. We provide customizable, affordable, high-quality, and fast AI translation services. This service uses deep learning models to provide you with accurate results.

Text to Speech

Make your applications talk by enabling text to speech. This service can even help you build an entirely new line of speech-enabled products that will enhance customer engagement. Not just this, you can create a custom voice based on your requirements.

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Let us know what type of AI service you need, and we will be right here for you to help you out. We offer the broadest set of AI services that is for everyone. Contact us today!

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