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Get the competitive edge by harnessing the power of technology!

Mine & Yours is a leading business innovation and IT consulting service provider, and we have been consistently delivering successful results.

We specialize in mobile and gaming apps development, consulting services, risk assurance services, tax and regulatory services, testing and QA services, cyber security services, artificial intelligence, and BPO services. We offer our services in the USA, UK, India, UAE, Australia, and Canada.

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Our Mission and Values






CLIENT FOCUSED: Our success derives from a deep understanding of our clients, to whom all of M&Y is committed to deliver exceptional service and value.

LEADERSHIP: We lead from the front, displaying our integrity and using facts to support our straight talk. We create an environment for positive change built on collaboration and trust.

EXECUTION EXCELLENCE: We insist on excellence in all we do for clients and ourselves, striving always for recognition among the leaders in our industry.

ASPIRATION: We aspire individually and collectively to be more than we are today.

RESULTS: We accept individual responsibility for our commitments and except to be accountable for results.

Our Services

Mine & Yours has a dedicated team who work for all types of industries. So, whether you are a start-up or an established firm, our services are for everyone.

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Have you thinking about adding to your site but keep putting it off? be it a products catalogue or may be an online billing system on your website for your services. Web based applications/software provides great functionality including collecting leads for your business as well as providing better interaction with your visitors. M&Y offer custom web development with latest web technologies available to improve your productivity and business


Our iterative framework helps your define and execute against your holistic mobile strategy. Our experts work with you to evaluate your current mobile landscape and co-create mobile solutions in the dimensions that matter most. M&Y develops robust mobile apps, while also delivering maintenance and security on a robust architecture.


Mine & Yours is backed by a team of certified gaming software development professionals and enthusiasts who can develop games from scratch or modify your current games to comply with current gaming industry standards. We can work on video games, games for mobile phones and tablets, VR and AR, fantasy sports, and more!

Startup Development Team

Businesses are constantly running their operations on technology, which is why it is prudent for businesses to provide a seamless digital experience to their customers. Mine & Yours provide manual and automated testing and QA services to fix bugs so that you can run your website, software, etc., without any hassle.


Mine & Yours help you build resilience so that everyone in your team can grow and adapt confidently. Cyber threats are growing every day, and that’s why the way you have been approaching security needs to be changed and has to be better. We will build a secure digital sphere for you to adapt to challenges efficiently.


M&Y experts provide design, delivery and daily operational support of compute, storage and virtual network infrastructure for Google Cloud. Rapidly modernize applications, migrate the right workloads, and securely manage your multi-cloud environment.Power your business and increase speed across private, virtual and public clouds with our full range of managed cloud solutions. Outperform your competition with cloud-enabled business solutions and quick, easy and secure activation of IT-certified, cross-industry solutions.


Let us help you with our AI services. Our AI services are based on statistical and mathematical foundations, including natural language processing, neural networks, and machine learning. Allow us to help you with the latest AI methodologies and tools and develop robust solutions for your business.


Implement secure smart contracts/chaincode on Ethereum, EOSIO, or Hyperledger Fabric or other public blockchains. Implement a private or permissioned blockchain for your organization using technologies like Hyperledger Fabric or Quorum.Develop blockchain-powered user-friendly applications for web and mobile.Develop and implement safe and reliable centralized and decentralized token exchanges.


Companies that master IoT will dominate their industry. M&Y can help you unlock the value of IoT to improve your company’s insight, maximize value chains, improve agility and reduce costs. Harness the power of digital performance through IoT-enabled asset management and maintenance. Jumpstart your journey to better business insights using an industrial-strength analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) platform.

Customer Support Representative

Mine & Yours has a team of experts who have in-depth knowledge about the wide range of threats a business may come across. We can help you with internal audits, risk management and profiling, compliance and regulatory assessments, and more. We identify threats for you and help you identify them so that you can manage risks properly.


As the regulatory and tax environment is changing rapidly, it is becoming challenging for growing businesses to take care of it. We can assist organizations of all kinds with compliance, planning, and tax strategy. Let us take away the tax and regulatory requirements burden so that you can concentrate on your operations better.


We offer a broad range of accounting advisory services. We have many years of experience helping clients maximise value during their periods of change. 

          => Assistance and advisory in financial reporting and analysis of accounting issues

          => IPO advisory services

          => Assistance in capital market transactions

          => Accounting manuals

          => Accounting advice for complex transactions, including M&A and corporate restructuring


We understand that every business is different and can face diverse, complex, and unique challenges. Our business consultants provide customized business strategies and solutions related to your business. We help you adapt to the current market’s dynamics to compete with your competitors no matter the threats.


Great content does not enjoy automatic visibility. The success of any website lies in the in-depth analysis of data and trends to understand what is working and what is not, that's why we provide best analytics and digital marketing services  to help you measure your ROI by providing reports on conversion rates, analytics, and visibility.

Mine & Yours can take care of multiple BPO-related works. Tell us if you want us to help you with payroll, human resource, or customer service. Our team can work for your internal organizations to boost your revenue. We are a leading business process outsourcing company and can provide you with full-range BPO operations.

M&Y brings together a team of experienced professionals and proven methodologies to offer purpose fit infrastructure solutions and deliverables to meet specific business needs. With years of experience in design thinking and agile methodology, we help our clients implement new ways of business functioning, all the while simplifying the processes and optimizing the cost.

We are a global leader in real estate investing. We seek to utilize our global expertise and presence to generate attractive returns for our investors in any environment, and to make a positive impact on the communities in which we invest.

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Mayank Sharma

My company required tax and regulatory services since managing tax is crucial and challenging. We were referred to Mine and Yours by a friend who already used their services. Mine & Yours helped us reduce our tax risks and helped us with complex legislation. Thanks, M & Y.


We hired Mine and Yours for their game development service. The team is knowledgeable, punctual, and skilled. I recommend Mine and Yours.


For all solutions at one place its just amazing

Running a business doesn’t only need business capital but a thorough understanding of the current and future market. After speaking with multiple consulting services, we finally agreed to work with Mine and Yours, and we are still availing their services. Mine & Yours offer unbiased and valuable advice, and their service has been fruitful for our company.

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